Efficient software = high
Design quality

Our company meets every challenge. We use the maximum capabilities of professional environments to help design HVAC systems in office, hospitality, healthcare, industrial and other facilities. We appreciate the power of today’s CAD/CAE solutions, but it’s the human at the software’s helm. Even the most advanced and sophisticated applications cannot produce a design without his or her creative input.

We give you 100% efficiency that will help you
you will achieve your intended business goals

Thanks to our in-house training and workshop system, we are able to implement any new software that is required by the client or investor. We have completed a sanitary and industrial installation project for the HARIBO factory in this mode (Revit MEP, implementation time of 2 weeks), as well as a project for a technological heating and cooling system for the AUDI factory (Mictostation+TriCAD, implementation time of 3 weeks). Both were completed with success and customer satisfaction.