BIM technology

BIM – Building Information Modeling
about the building (Building Information Modelling)

BIM technology

BIM technology involves digitally mapping the entire life cycle of a building in three-dimensional space using parameterized objects. Parameters describe both general characteristics of all elements – such as geometry, their location or interrelationships – and specific properties – such as piping flows, equipment manufacturers and types, or scheduled maintenance dates. Plant designs in model form are created and used sequentially by designers, contractors and property managers (CAFM). The popularization of BIM systems is evident in legislation around the world. Many countries are working on laws that standardize how and to what extent BIM technology can be used in design. See how BIM Manager can help with facility design.

BIM design

In case the client requires us to work in the native format of the selected environment, which is not in our portfolio, we are able to implement any required BIM design platform thanks to our extensive IT infrastructure and experience in implementing new software.

BIM project management

BIM project management is a significant part of designing according to this technology. When talking about BIM systems, it is important to think about a number of overarching work that needs to be done as early as the BIM Execution Plan (BEP) determination stage. Developing a BEP pre- and postcontract after a detailed analysis of the EIR documents is critical to the success of a BIM project. The difficulty of such a task can be the lack of regulations in Poland, so we rely on standards from other countries to work with the developer to choose the best option for him. At this stage we create standards that define not only the accuracy of the model, but also such aspects as how information is exchanged, the tasks of the various entities, preparation under FM, or OPEN BIM requirements. This stage of BIM implementation is an extremely important element that will allow the project to be completed successfully in the future

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